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Specialty Engineering for Structural Components Division

Our experience specialty engineers for structural components can help you with your project!

Gazebos and Trellises

Our Engineers have a wide range of experience with a variety of trellises and gazebos both structurally independent and those supported or attached to a building on one or more sides.  Our designs meet the Florida Building Code Standards and contain all the information required to meet the standards of the different cities’ building officials.

Fences, Stairs and Railings

Our staff of engineers has a wide range of experience with structural designs for specialty components such as fences, pedestrian gates, rolling gates systems of all varieties, stairs, including spiral stairs, curved stairs, and monumental stairs. We also specialize in custom stairs and materials including but not limited to steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and wood.

Awnings and Screens

Our Engineers have undertaken ventures involving all types of projects including awnings and screens. Eastern Engineering Group’s Specialty Engineering team has a wide range of experience providing you with the support your project requires and helps you balance function, economy, aesthetics and maintenance of your design.

Sculptures and Facades

Eastern Engineering Group is very supportive of artists and we believe engineers are artists as well. Contact us today for the specialty calculations that need to be done for your sculptures, facades, or decorative screens to meet the standards of the Florida Building Code.

Notices of Acceptance and One-Time-Approvals

Our team of Specialty Engineering can help you obtain your Notice of Acceptance and One Time Approval from Miami-Dade County and Florida. We have broad experience with the preparation of the documents required, such as mock-ups, calculations, and test interpretations.

Specialty Engineering for

Equipment’s Support

Our team for Specialty Engineering has a wide range of experience with protective systems including railings and guard rails of all varieties. We can provide the support your project requires and help you balance function, economy, aesthetics, and maintenance in your design.

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Why us?

Our structural components division offers the highest quality of specialty engineering in the market. The professional engineers working under this division have multiple years of experience performing the engineering for structural components, as well as understanding how these may affect the structure as a whole. 


We have various different structural engineering departments working together under one firm. Because of this, our structural engineers have a broader vision of structures and will calculate the plans of your structural components in a detailed manner. 


Our department of Specialty Engineering for Structural Components has extensive experience with NOAs and OTAs, which has made our engineers very knowledgeable of the Florida Building Code and its standards.


We are very professional with highly competitive prices, but we focus our efforts on creating a friendly environment for our clients as well

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Our Structural Components Projects

Check out the projects of our Structural Engineering Division!

Our Structural Components Projects

Check out the projects of our Structural Engineering Division!

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